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Client Testimonials

“I never knew I could have a full-body orgasm until Tristin’s yoni massage. My yoni is now convinced that it’s the main event, and honestly, I’m not arguing.”


“Business trips to Cape Town have just gotten a whole lot more interesting now that I have discovered the most amazing therapist ever! Tristin understands just how to give pleasure to a woman’s body in a way that makes you feel sexy and desirable. It was the experience I never knew I need in my life but now that I’ve had it, I can’t imagine my life without it.”


“I had been curious about yoni massage for years but was always hesitant to try it. You know how it goes, always thinking my body is not attractive enough to be seen naked or that my cellulite is going to be a turn-off for the other person. None of that mattered with Tristin, he reminded me of all that I had to be grateful for about my body and he really did connect with me on a deeper level, not just as a person but as an energetic being.

Tristin’s calming and knowledgeable approach put me at ease, and the massage itself was nothing short of magical.”


Erotic Massage for Women in Cape Town | Yoni Massage Cape Town

“My apologies in advance if this seems a little long winded but my experience was just too incredible to not share.

I was lounging by the pool at the Twelve Apostles Hotel, googling activities in Cape Town to fill my 3-day stay in the city when I came across Yoni Massage Cape Town. Browsing through this beautiful website, reading through every page in detail, started to get me rather turned on. Why? Why was this happening? What was it about this service that stirred these feelings inside me?

I had to find out more so I instantly called and was greeted by Tristin David, the male massage therapist who runs Yoni Massage Cape Town. Wow, he had such lovely energy and spoke so passionately about his services that I knew in that instant, I had to experience this man’s skills & expertise. I was able to secure a booking with him for the next evening and with that, my pulse began to race in anticipation. 

The Twelve Apostles Hotel in Cape Town does have a spa where I had had a massage on one of my previous trips to Cape Town, but that experience was rather underwhelming to be honest. The same old dull massage routines I can have at almost any spa in the world. Yawn. Perhaps that what made the idea of a session with Tristin all that more appealing and the best part, he would travel out to my hotel so I could enjoy my massage in the privacy of my hotel room. Yay!

So Tristin arrived the next evening, carrying along his massage table, music, candles & even a heater to make sure that I didn’t feel cold during my session. I was realy impressed by how prepared he was, exhibiting all the signs of a true professional in his field.

And then the moment of truth arrived and my body melted in sheer & utter bliss from the very first touch. It was as if every fibre of my being had ached for this moment and I hadn’t gotten the memo up until then. My whole body felt alive, and every stroke from this magician of touch left me tingling. I thought I knew my body well but Tristin showed me a whole new world of pleasure. My first time experiencing multiple orgasms, wave after wave of mind-blowing yumminess that seemed to begin just where the other ended.

I think I need to go back to Cape Town just for another session, correct, I know I need to and so does my body!”


“I’ve never felt so pampered in my life! It was like being treated like a queen…of my own body.”


“With my conservative, super-religious upbringing, I never thought I’d ever say this, but yoni massage is a must-do for any woman visiting Cape Town. Just don’t blame me if you become addicted! This guy is beyond amazing at what he does”


“Tristin’s yoni massage is a practice that honors the divine feminine in all women. His expert technique and nurturing presence left me feeling more connected to my own body, reminded me of the power we women possess within us and without a doubt, gave me a new appreciation for my lady bits and just how much pleasure they could allow me to feel when stimulated in the right way.”

Shakti babe

Testimonials | Goddess | Yoni Massage for Women in Cape Town. Outcalls to Hotels & Homes

“Sweet, smart and oh so sensual. Thank you dear Tristin for one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life. I had no idea that massage could be so detailed and so incredibly satisfying. You are truly a gem amongst men, I have never met another man who understands the female body as well as you do! See you when I’m back in Durban in a few months, that is, if you’re not in Cape Town at the time. If so, I will definitely make a little detour there for my next session” 😉

Kara X
New York Minx

I’m not one to be over the top emotional but darling man, you have touched me on a deeply spiritual level with your phenomenal massage skills and warm healing ability. Your clients are blessed to have YOU!

Daikini Delia
Love & Light

“I enjoyed my time, I felt very safe both before and during the massage. I let go, accepted and enjoyed the most intense pleasure in my whole life. Tristin enjoys the female form , he worships the female body and made sure my pleasure was his only priority. Exceptionally smart, well put together and very easy to converse with.

Reading other testimonials, I agree and believe that his warm healing touch is a must for women. My body went to another level and he was just enjoying giving me a massage and taking his time…”

He simply worships

Think Thoughts That Turn You On | Yoni Massage for Women in Cape Town. Outcalls to Hotels & Homes

Thank you for giving me some of the most amazing orgasms of my life. You have such a soothing and stimulating touch capable of sending warm arousing sensations all through a woman’s body that climax is an inevitable given. Your patience & level of professionalism is greatly appreciated. You have a client for life. Keep it up gorgeous…you’re the best!!!

Pure Pleasure…so Addictive

Tristin, you are a truly gifted guy with yummy hands. I enjoyed every second of my session from the 1st touch to the last orgasm. It was simply amazing & well worth repeating. Thank you so much for being so patient & understanding in the beginning. I felt very comfortable & undeniably relaxed around you. See you again soon & thank you thank you thank you!!! Mmmm…I’m getting tingly just thinking about your touch…

One Totally Satisfied Lady

“After a strenuous day of hiking up Table Mountain, this was just the treat my bff, Sophie, and I needed to reward ourselves for our achievement.

Doing an online search for the best massage in Cape Town and hotel massage Cape Town gave us tons of results but nothing stood out for us in quite the way Yoni Massage Cape Town did. Being 2 adventurous girls from the Netherlands, we were quite excited to give this guy a try.

He came to our hotel near the V&A Waterfront & created the most beautiful atmosphere in our room, such lovely attention to detail. We were already impressed and our massages hadn’t even started yet.

Sophie was 1st so I went downstairs to read in the hotel foyer and wait for my turn. Just over 2hrs later, Sophie comes downstairs with a huge grin on her face, her cheeks were red. I asked her how her massage was and she was grinning so much that she could barely speak. I wasted no time in heading back upstairs to the room to experience whatever she had that made her so happy.

All I can say is, I don’t know what kind of sorcery Tristin used during my magical yoni massage, but I’m pretty sure my vagina levitated at one point. 10/10 would highly recommend this for any woman in Cape Town”


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Important Points To Be Aware Of Before Proceeding

1) This service is For Women Only! Do NOT contact me if you are a man unless you are intending on making a booking for a woman. If that is the case, text me 1st to get permission to call

2) All sessions are strictly 1-on-1. No spectators will be permitted

3) I will NOT engage in ping pong texts. If you are serious about booking a session, it is compulsory to call me directly to discuss rates & details. You may text or email me in the event of me not being able to take your call.

4) I am happy to assist women of all races, sizes & ages but will NOT tolerate racism. It’s a mental sickness I don’t want in my space. The intimate nature of these massages require a connection being built on mutual respect, acceptance & free of judgement or discrimination. The energy based connection being created in this moment can be seriously tainted by the toxic nature of racism.

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